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Using PPC To Get More Leads & More Website Traffic

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Practical Help & Advice To Help You To Buy Your Way to the Top with PPC & Paid Search Ads

These days there’s no such thing as free website traffic.
Yes, you could restrict yourself to trying to get a first page position naturally for all of the keywords that are relevant to your business, but its a long and unpredictable process known as SEO, (Search Engine Optimisation).
On the other hand, PPC, (Pay Per Click), on Google AdWords and elsewhere is a short process – you place the ads and within minutes people start clicking on them. Before long you have a steady flow of interested visitors coming to your website which you can convert into customers.
PPC and other paid search advertising campaigns can transform your business but if you get it wrong, sometimes only slightly wrong, and you could lose a lot of money. Do PPC right, do it with Digital Marketing Pitstop.

Remarkable Remarketing

The Black &Decker of digital marketing – everyone should have this in their ppc toolbox.
If you think you already know about remarketing it may be time you took another look. Building lists, or “audiences” and working them at every opportunity until they convert into a sale can make the difference between surviving or falling behind your competitors.
You have to get this right if you want to be visible online.
People don’t always buy on their first visit to a website, sometimes it takes days, weeks or even months – don’t lose sales, get your remarketing right. Our “Remarkable Remarketing” guide is available as a free download for a limited period, click here to get yours. It will tell you everything you need to know and do in order to Get Your Share of What’s Out There!

Get Widespread Coverage With PPC

When you think of PPC it’s tempting to think only of those ads at the top of the Google search results page but there’s much more to PPC than just Google Search!

Yes, of course, Google Search still accounts for the lion’s share of Internet searches, (although their share is dropping, with the main gainers being Bing/Yahoo).

Today you can spread the word using PPC, or it’s equivalent, on Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and many more – often at a fraction of the price charged by Google. What’s more, the in-depth demographic information held by many Social Media sites enable you to be far more specific about who you want to target with your ads.

PPC Training, Resources & Workshops

Facebook Ads WorkShop Guide  

If you would like to take the FREE Facebook Ads Workshop you will find this accompanying guide very useful. In fact even if you decide not to do the workshop this guide is still priceless which, in fact, is what it is – FREE to all Pitstop Pass Holders – even free ones!

The AdWords Ad Grid

From our friends at Ryan Deiss’ Digital Marketer – 7 Steps to Building Traffic Campaigns That Convert Higher and Scale Faster

LinkedIn B2B Ads System

Use this easy-to-implement workshop to begin driving sales calls and generating leads using LinkedIn Sponsored Updates. Available to holders of a Pitstop Pro Pass.

The $10 Per Day Traffic Plan

How to build or grow any business with just $10 a day in paid traffic
The 9-Part AdWords Setup Plan

The 9-Part AdWords Setup Plan

In-depth, step by step training to get you up to speed with your first AdWords campaign.
From writing the ads, selecting the right keywords and optimising the campaign to give you the best Return On Investment. This training will save you £££s by eliminating the costly trial and error phase from your campaigns.
Get PPC right, invest a little time and money and see fast results.

The YouTube Guide To In-Stream Ads

Take our advice and follow this guide to generate leads using YouTube In-Stream ads. YouTube is a very effective way to generate leads and sales at a low cost per click. Get the competitive edge with Digital Marketing Pitstop. 

PPC isn’t just about Google Anymore

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many others all have PPC offerings which you should consider. In this training we consider how Facebook can be used to reinforce your sales funnel and deliver more leads.

Ultimate Guide To Google AdWords – Perry Marshall

Not so much a technical reference as a clever, step-by-step guide to using AdWords in a practical way as part of your campaigns and getting great results. Perry also has a companion book on FaceBook Ads, equally vital reading for all digital marketers.

Google Call Only Ads

There’s a NEW Type of Ad from Google.

It delivers new customers by the bucketload – It’s Called a “Call Only” ad and it runs on mobiles only?

People search on their mobile, see your ad, click on it and, hey presto – you’re talking to them!

Just Hours From Now

The Fog will clear & Your Website Becomes Visible –

Traffic starts flowing to your site
Enquiries appear in your inbox
Quotes are requested, sales are made

PPC makes all this happenFAST. Start the magic today – the PPC Effect is only hours away!

Ad Extensions - The Great Google Land Grab

Ad Extensions are free and vastly increase the size of your ad!

Using a few of our “secret sauce” techniques you could grab much more space at the top of Google’s search results.

Ad extensions can be used to get more space, more clicks and more sales.

Free Download

12 Proven Tricks To Get More Clicks From AdWords

Watch the FREE Slideshow – available to all PitStop Pass Holders.

PPC – Done For You Services

Sometimes, you just don’t have the time, or the mental bandwidth, to do all of this yourself.

When that happens you can always ask the guys in the Pitstop Team to do it for you. We’ve kept the costs down by offering “done for you” services that are ready to go and affordably priced.

See the full range of done for you services here.

Local Search Advertising Update

Call Only Ads – The New Google Way to Make Your ‘Phone Ring
Google’s new ad format for smartphones is designed to get you more enquiries. Anyone searching for your product or service could see your ad and, if they click, they are automatically connected to you by phone giving you a much bigger chance of converting their interest into a sale!
Visit our Guide to Using Online Ads for Local Businesses to find out more.