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Why “Done For You” Services?

Researching, designing and implementing a comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy can be time-consuming and, if you get it wrong, it can be expensive as well.

We have tried to make sure that, as a Pitstop Pass holder, you have access to all of the tools and resources you need to achieve your Digital Marketing objectives but we are well-aware that many business owners or staff members simply do not have the time to put everything into practice themselves.

You could call in the services of a traditional agency to meet this need but that can be costly so we have an alternative – do what you can yourself and let us pick up on those things that you haven’t got the time, or the inclination, to do without a bit of outside help.

Easy To Buy, Easy To See Results – Fast.

We’ve packaged everything up into easy to afford bite-sized chunks, from keyword research to building a full-blown marketing funnel, and everything in between. Dip in and use what you need from our Workshops, Guides and other Resources and get up-to-speed quickly by using our “done for you” services wherever and whenever you need them. Everything is priced at an affordable level for even the smallest of businesses and there are no contracts or repeat charges – what you see is what you pay!

You’re never alone with a Pitstop Pass

That’s right, even holders of our FREE Startup Pass have email access to our support teams with Pro and Expert Pass Holders also having priority access to higher levels of expertise and support resources.

So, take a look at the services on offer and pick those which will get you to your goal quickly – not sure? Just contact us and we’ll get back to you with our suggestions and advice.

Done For You – Keyword Research

A well researched list of keywords is essential to all PPC and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) campaigns. We find the keywords that are popular in your industry and those which drive traffic to your competitor’s sites, so that you can use them too.
We’ll supply you with long-tail versions as well, which often have lower levels of competition and, in PPC campaigns, cost less per click.
If you also take our done for you “Competitive Landscape” you’ll get the in-depth comparison of up to 5 competitors and their keywords, graded and ranked into performance, competitiveness and cost levels. This highlights which search terms are causing you to lose traffic to your competitors and which are making money for them.

Get off to a flying start – get your Keyword Research “Done For You” today! 

  • Startup (Free) Pass Holders £9.99
  • Pro & Expert Pass Holders – Free

Done For You – Competitive Landscape

An in-depth review of the online marketplace for your business and where you sit amongst those who are competing with you for online traffic and leads. The websites that you compete with online may not be those belonging to your “offline” competitors and it is easy to focus on the wrong targets if your not careful.

Where do you appear in search results, how visible are you on social media and elsewhere compared to your competitors, which search phrases are working for them – but not for you. This is an in-depth piece of work that will pay you back many times over in terms of gaining a competitive edge.

Your competitive Landscape comes with a personalised analysis by one of our campaign strategists and gives you actual, practical, advice as to how you should go about capturing your share of the online traffic that is available.


  • Startup (Free) Pass Holders £1.99
  • Pro Pass Holders £9.99
  • Expert Pass Holders – Free

Done For You – Google AdWords Campaign

A Google AdWords Account opened on your behalf, (if you don’t already have one), and your first campaign researched, built and uploaded ready to run. We’ll suggest an ads budget and give you a forecast of the results you can expect to get.

PLUS – A Google voucher worth up to £120 is included free of charge meaning this service is, effectively, done for you – done for nothing!

Get your message up to the top of Google’s Search Results – get your done For You AdWords Account with £120 worth of advertising credit, now! 

  • Startup (Free) Pass Holders £19.99
  • Pro & Expert Pass Holders – Free

N.B. Includes 1 campaign, others charged extra – ask for quote.
Google vouchers are subject to Google’s terms and conditions and availability may change – contact us first if this is an issue for you.

Done For You Services – At A Glance

Competitive Landscape

A comprehensive analysis of the market that you operate in and who you are up against. Facts, figures and expert commentary by our campaign strategists. Find out what you need to do to win!

AdWords Landing Page

Get better Google Quality Scores with our optimised landing pages. Written especially for your campaign. Supplied as LeadPages, Optimize Press, WordPress or HTML format.

Facebook Business Page Setup

Your Facebook Business Page setup and ready to run – we even give you your first “Like”.