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Amazon is the biggest online marketplace in the world and, as such, it possesses a vast amount of sales-related data that is invaluable when researching the market for your digital marketing strategy.

It is a little known fact but Amazon actually makes this data available for free and it’s too good to miss so read on and find out how to use Amazon best-seller data to carry out your market research and formulate your digital marketing strategy.

First you will need to go to the Amazon Best Seller page. The address for the UK is:
The address for the USA is as follows:
Once you arrive at the page, it will look something like this: Best Sellers The most popular items on Amazon

As you can see, you can choose which department, (Category) to view and, from there, you can drill down to the specific product level if you wish. From the screenshot above we can see that the “Fire TV Stick by Amazon” is the most popular product overall, at the time of writing.

From here we can drill down into specific categories. For example if we were active in the “Home and Garden” business, or were thinking of becoming so, the we might want to focus on the “Gardens & Outdoors” department where we see that the most popular product in that category is the “Executioner” Fly swatter which has been in the top 100 for 2748 days.
From here of course we can go to the product listing for any of these items and find out more, including Amazon’s well known “People who bought this also bought” section.

Amazonuk Best Sellers The most popular items in Garden Outdoors

So how could this information be used as part of your market research and digital marketing strategy?

Well, obviously if you were in the Homes and Gardens space, or thinking of going into it, it would seem like a good idea to make sure that you have an insect zapper, preferably one that looks like a tennis racquet, in your product range. You can see the price that Amazon are getting for such a device and tailor your own offering accordingly.

A quick check on Google’s Keyword Planner, which is free of charge if you open a Google AdWords account, will give you around 250 keywords and phrases that are very closely related to the core keyphrase “Fly Swatter”. The phrase “fly swatter” itself has an average monthly search volume of 14,800 and an average click price of around .58p if you wanted to include it in your ppc campaign.

Keyword Planner also tells us that the product that Amazon are saying is the best seller, the “Executioner” has only 140 searches on Google in the UK as a monthly average although a product like this is bound to be fairly seasonal. If, however, you open it out and look at related phrases the search volumes jump up into the thousands.

If I were in the Homes and Gardens business I’d probably be thinking about running a promotion on this or a similar product and using Amazon’s “also bought” suggestions to bundle with it or to use as an upsell. Those of you who have an opted-in mailing list could use this tool to build very effective marketing funnels with upsells and profit maximiser options according to your requirements. Use the best selling product as the “lead magnet” and use higher priced versions as upsells. It is with a digital marketing strategy like this that you can really start to leverage the valuable data that amazon is giving you here.

Find out more about sales and marketing funnels and marketing automation here.

The Amazon Best Seller service is a great tool for marketers – maybe it could help you with your campaigns and digital marketing strategy – why not give it a try soon?.