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Do you want more bookings for your Driving School?

Of course you do – but don’t go it alone

  • Do you find that you are too busy teaching to spend time marketing your services?
  • When someone searches for driving lessons, or a similar search, on Google is it your name they see first, or your competitors?
  • Are you facing stiff competition from the “big name” providers?
  • Do you currently rely on “word of mouth” to get new customers?
  • Are the “old” marketing tools no longer working?
  • Are you listed properly on the Google Map for your area(s)
  • Would you like to know that when you are teaching, or even when you are in bed asleep, your marketing activities are going on automatically, generating a steady flow of new leads?

If the answer to any of the above is “yes” then it could be time to take a good hard look at your online marketing.

Now, with our help, you can use the same online automated marketing system Starbucks and McDonald’s  used to corner the coffee and hamburger markets. Use the same system Amazon uses to dominate eCommerce.

It’s how countless brands have become household names.

This system works for small and enterprise level businesses. It works for the local shop and billion dollar retailers. It works whether you sell traditional products, digital products or services.

Now we’ve carefully adapted it for Driving Schools and it’s on offer to you at a cost that any small business can afford.

Forget everything you thought you knew about marketing your driving school business and harness the power of Digital Marketing and the Driving School’s Marketing Machine to find and convert new leads while you do what you do best – teach people to drive.

Even when you are resting your Driving School’s Marketing Machine will carry on doing its job.


A Marketing Machine can be described as a sequence of activities that automatically:

  • Finds people who have expressed an interest in learning to drive
  • Encourages those people to signup and receive more information, or a quote, from you
  • Nurtures or develops their interest until they are ready to make a booking
  • Encourages them to recommend you to others

A marketing machine is designed to automate all stages of this process, known as the “sales funnel,” to make sure that even when you’re not working, your marketing machine is automatically doing everything necessary to generate business. It’s your silent partner – working even when you sleep.

We’ve designed and implemented many marketing machines in our time and now we’ve turned our energies to creating ready-to-run marketing machines for Driving Schools and you can get yours here!

The Driving School Marketing Machine – What’s In It For You?

The Driving School Marketing Machine is a ready to run online marketing campaign for driving schools who want to get more bookings in their local area, (or further afield, if they wish).

The system works on the principle of a “Sales Funnel” which looks  something like this:

Every business that makes sales, online or offline, has a sales funnel – but they often call it something else –  a “pipeline” perhaps. Sometimes they don’t call it anything at all, or even acknowledge its existence – but it’s still there and if you take the time to understand it, and optimise it, you’d be amazed at the difference that it can make to your sales results.

The Sales Funnel shown in the diagram above is probably the simplest and most straightforward funnel there is but, despite that, it works for most businesses and is easy to put into place in any business no matter how small or how big or whether the product or service is simple or complex .

Here’s What Happens At Each Stage Of The Marketing or Sales Funnel:


The top of the funnel is where you generate awareness of your services. This can be done in a variety of ways but more often than not it is done by running some kind of online advertising campaign. This advertising campaign doesn’t have to cost a lot of money – even a few pounds a week can make a big difference and the cost is much lower and accurately targeted, than newspaper ads and other offline advertising methods.


Here, the prospective customer is educated and given information about your services and how you can help them to learn to drive and pass their test


A percentage of those who enter the funnel at the top will make it through to the final stage – “conversion”, which normally means they have become a customer or made some kind of commitment.Others, who haven’t yet completed their journey, will be “nurtured” in case a need arises in the future, it’s all part of the process.

Remember – not everyone buys straightaway but when they do – make sure it’s from You!

Many businesses try to handle all of this manually but they are increasingly finding themselves up against others who are far more organised – they have implemented a secret weapon to help them to get ahead and stay ahead – they’ve implemented an Automated Marketing Machine in their business and their sales performance has gone through the roof!

The Driving School Marketing Machine follows a tried and tested formula devised in the USA by multi-billion dollar organisations who have researched and perfected the process over many years and in many marketplaces.

The process is in use 24 hours a day, every day, by thousands of businesses, selling everything from makeup to camping equipment, hairdressing to legal services, financial services to car repairs – the list is long and very diverse – and it can easily include you and your business.

What Does The Driving School Marketing Machine Include?

The Driving School Marketing Machine is a complete local visibility package that you can use to suit your particular requirements in your local area. Those who wish to use it across a bigger area can, of course, do so. The package includes:

  • Local Search visibility – Ensure that you are visible on Google Maps and in the Google Local Results
  • Lead Generation – Generate leads from low-cost ads placed on Google, Facebook and Twitter and from referrals and cross selling to your ever increasing emailing list.
  • Marketing Automation – Respond to enquiries automatically and follow-up with carefully designed email sequences that will maximise the conversions you achieve over the lifetime of your relationship with the customer.
  • Ready To Run Ads – Choose from our library of ready to run, proven, tried and tested ads on Google & Facebook.
  • A researched list of carefully chosen high performance search phrases for use in your lead generation ad campaigns that are proven to convert.
  • Purpose-built landing pages (where people are taken when they click on your ads), that can convert visitors into customers on their first visit or, if a first time conversion isn’t possible, push them into a follow on sequence for conversion at a later date.
  • Opt-in email forms to maximise sign-ups and help you to build a “pipeline” – a list of contacts that you can market to
  • Automated sequences of emails that interact with the customer at every stage to maximise conversions and improve retention
  • A Full library of sample email texts for every stage of the process

Not every Driving School will need everything on the above list and that’s fine but in most cases, at some time or another, they probably will need most of them.

Ongoing Advice & Support

We’ve adapted these procedures for a UK audience and applied them to the Driving School marketplace. Once your Driving School Marketing Machine is up and running, depending on the level of your subscription, we’ll give you all the help and support you need in order to get the maximum benefit from it, including:

  • Access to our team by email, chat, Skype or telephone for ongoing help and support.
  • Access to our library of workshops, marketing tools, training courses and “how-to” guides to help you to further improve or expand your marketing efforts if required.
  • A personalised “Dashboard,” updated daily, to show you your results and help you to plan your future requirements.
  • A monthly performance report with a personalised explanation & analysis of your campaign’s performance together with suggested improvements, if applicable.

Get Your Marketing Machine for Driving Schools today.

There are three levels of plan available, to suit all requirements, budgets and levels of involvement:

  • If you just want the resources and materials so that you can do it yourself, we have a plan for that.
  • If you are a bit short of time and would like the work doing for you, we have a plan for that too.
  • If you want a bit of both, (e.g. just let us do the more tricky bits) yes, there’s a plan to suit you too!

Get The Free Driving School Marketing Funnel Kit


  • The Marketing Pitstop Driving School Marketing Funnel blueprint
  • The Step-By-Step Worksheet & Guide
  • Sample Ad copy – just substitute your own details
  • Sample Landing Page Copy
  • Sample Email Copy

The above funnel can be set up and operated using free accounts with email and landing page providers but as your list grows you may need to transfer to a paid account.

Available free to all Pitstop Local Pass Holders – Yes, even the Free “Starter Pass” – get yours here.

Done For You Marketing Services For Local Businesses

To help busy local businesses stand out from the crowd without spending a lot of time, or money, we offer a range of fixed-price “done for you” Digital Marketing services.

Google Local Checkup

Google treats local searches differently to those covering a wider area. If you are not fully up-to-date with your Google “My Business” listing you could be losing out on lots of free search traffic which often results in business.

This comprehensive local checkup makes sure that you are setup correctly to benefit from all that Google has to offer local businesses – don’t miss it.

Free to Pitstop Pro & Expert pass holders. Otherwise this in-depth report is priced at £19

Local Competitive Landscape


A detailed analysis of your business in your area and how you are performing in comparison to your online competion. Who is getting the lion’s share of the business you need – and how?

Free to Pitstop Pro & Expert pass holders. Otherwise this in-depth report is priced at £19

Local Competitive Landscape


A detailed analysis of your business in your area and how you are performing in comparison to your online competion. Who is getting the lion’s share of the business you need – and how?

Free to Pitstop Pro & Expert pass holders. Otherwise this in-depth report is priced at £19