The Facebook Advertising Workshop

Welcome to the Facebook Advertising Workshop

The Completion Level of Your Training.


Module 1 - Introduction to the course

Facebook Advertising Overview

Paid advertising on the Internet used to be dominated by Google with their Adwords product and Microsoft, whose product is now known as Bing.


This is no longer the case. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many others, all offer some kind of paid marketing option.


In this workshop we are looking at Facebook's Ad system and how it can be used to drive traffic to your website in a cost-effective way.


Be sure to also download the free Guide and checklist to help you to make the most of this training.

Module 2 - Facebook Ads vs Google AdWords

Why and when should you choose Facebook Ads instead of Google Adwords?

Module 3 - Targeting

Finding the Right Audience for your Facebook Ads

Facebook collects a lot of information about its members and it is that iformtion that makes it possible to target the people that would be receptive to hearing about your product or service. The next video explains in detail how you can use Facebooks to laser-target the right people for your ads campaign.

Module 4 - Types of Ad Offered By Facebook

How to decide which type of Facebook ad to run.

Module 5 - Make Your Ad Stand Out

Get Noticed

Lots of businesses use Facebook ads - because they work and they are cost effective.

So how can you make your ads stand out from all the others?

Module 6 - Define Your Campaigns Objectives

A Wide coice of Possible Outcomes

Facebook ads are very fexible and allow you to define a number of different objectives as the desired outcome of someone clicking on one of your ads.

The next video deals with all the available ad objectives to help you find the right one for you.

Module 7 - Your Facebook Ad Bidding Strategy

Even Small Businesses Can Compete With the Big Players

Module 8 - Creating A Facebook Page

Every business should have a Facebook page

Module 9 - Testing Your Ads

Split Testing ads like the professionals

Module 10 - Measuring & Monitoring - Facebook Analytics

Your advertising analytics data helps you be even more effective