Marketing Your Business on Facebook

Massive Membership
Facebook has by far the largest membership of any Social Media site. Most of those members, over 1 billion of them, log in at least once a day, many of them by way of a mobile device. The chances are, your next customer is one of them.

Multiple Marketing Options
So how can you gain access to such an immense pool of potential business? Facebook’s range of marketing options, which include both free and paid activities, can be confusing but don’t worry – we’re here to help.

You can choose from:

  • Facebook Ads – there are many varieties and options
  • Boosted (promoted) Posts – get your regular posts seen by more people
  • Facebook Business Pages – Free to use and well worth the effort
  • Facebook Groups – join existing groups or maybe set up one of your own

Time To Get Engaged!
You should, of course, post to your Facebook page regularly but don’t make the mistake of thinking that it will help your business to grow – it won’t!
Success on social media sites like Facebook is gained through engagement with your audience. You need them to interact with you in some way. If you haven’t got an audience yet, now’s the time to start building one.

Set Up Your Facebook Business or Brand Page

The Facebook Approach To Businesses Promoting Themselves.
In order to use Facebook to promote your business you first need a standard Facebook account. Then you can set up “business Pages” from that account.
Business pages, which can take several different forms, are free of charge and you can have multiple pages if you have multiple businesses. You can give people who work for you, or anyone else, access to those pages without giving them access to your personal profile.

Put Everyone In The Picture
Images are an important part of the overall Facebook experience so make sure that you populate your Facebook Business page with a suitable header image and a logo.


Build An Audience On Facebook

To be truly successful with Social Media Marketing you will need to become part of the community that surrounds your business, your products and the marketplace that you operate in. This applies to Facebook for sure but also consider other Social Media platforms – they have large audiences too!

Let’s deal with a popular misunderstanding – posting lots of things to Facebook, sometimes several times a day, on its own achieves nothing!

For that approach to be successful several other things need to happen but the main one is that your posts have to be seen by someone! Until you have an audience you are seriously limited in what you can achieve on social media.

Build a following using one, or more,  of these methods:

Listen, Respond & Post Regularly

One of the best ways to build up a following on Facebook, or indeed any Social Media platform, is to monitor and engage with conversations that are already taking place.

There are several ways to do this and a range of different packages and services that can make the job easier.

Monitor & Optimise For Improved Performance

It goes without saying that it would be foolish to put a lot of time, effort and money into Facebook marketing unless you monitor your progress and continually optimise your campaigns.

There are many software services out there to help you to do this but why not start with Google’s free Analytics tool and our Free tutorial:


Boosting Your Posts

If you post onto Facebook the chances are that your post will only be seen by a few people, depending on how many followers you have. Boosting a post is a service that Facebook offers to help you to be seen more widely and reach more people — the boosted content appears higher in News Feed, so there’s a better chance your audience will see them.

Boosting your post can increase the likelihood that:

  • People will see your content in their News Feeds.
  • People will respond to a discount or sales promotion that you post.
  • Your reach will extend to friends of those who engage with your posts.

Boosting a post can be done from the post itself, via Facebook’s Ad Manager or by using their Power Editor. For now, the easiest way would be to use the facility that is shown in the post itself.

Our Increase Engagement With Facebook Promoted Posts Step-By-Step Guide & Training Module will help you to get the most out of boosted posts – why not take it today? Free to all Pitstop Pro & Pitstop Expert Pass Holders.


Facebook Groups
Using Facebook Ads

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