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LinkedIn Advertising Options

LinkedIn is the “go to” Social Media platform for many professionals and they are usually happy  to share their “personal” details with others over the LinkedIn system. Now you can target those professionals very accurately with your products and services – here’s how.

The LinkedIn’ Campaign Manager

The LinkedIn Campaign Manager is LinkedIn’s marketing platform where you will find the tools to help you to deliver highly relevant, targeted messages to unique audiences.

What types of Ads Does LinkedIn Offer you?

LinkedIn Text Ads

LinkedIn Text ads have been designed to drive action on high quality leads within any budget. Text ads are very easy to create and deliver, and the results can be easily measured. It is also easy to will allow you to stay on budget with text ads because you are able to choose whether to pay for clicks or impressions.


Generate quality leads with an easy, self-serve solution. Text ads appear in the right column of the desktop and are available in four formats: square, tall, horizontal, and long

LinkedIn Sponsored Content Ads

This type of ad enables you to promote your content to the world’s largest online professional network and to do so on any desktop or mobile device. This means that you can engage people with your sponsored content when they are at home, at work or on a bus or train.
Sponsored content ads are ideal when you want to engage more people with your updates, perhaps by informing them about an upcoming event or sharing written content with them.

In addition to Text Ads and Sponsored Contents Ads, LinkedIn also offers other Advertising ideas, such as Sponsored InMail Ads, Dynamic Ads, and Display Ads.

LinkedIn Sponsored InMail Ads

One of the best ways to reach the kind of people that matter the most to you and your business is by getting to them right in their email inboxes. “InMail Ads” will deliver your content to your targeted audience in their LinkedIn mail inboxes.

LinkedIn Dynamic Ads

This type of ad enables you to deliver your content through responsive display ads located on the LinkedIn platform and able to be shown on any device. Dynamic ads can be personalised with your message and other creative copy and targeted to those audiences that matter most to you – all with detailed analytics  to help you to measure your campaign’s performance!

LinkedIn Display Ads

Display ads are available for campaigns on desktop computers. will allow you to deliver display ad campaigns on desktop devices for optimal placement and outreach.


The Red Arrow Points To A Typical LinkedIn Display Ad Placement.

As you can see from the above image, LinkedIn display ads are typically shown in the right hand side column of the LinkedIn screen on desktop computers – not shown on mobiles.

This ad type cannot be self-served. You must use an automated ad-serving platform or deal with a LinkedIn representative to use this type of ad.