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Grow Your Business & Build A Following With Social Listening

All businesses needs to be aware of what is being said online about them and their product.

Some of that “Buzz” could be good, positive and beneficial to your business growth. On the other hand, some of it might not be so good and, if problems are to be avoided further down the line, these situations should be dealt with quickly.

A technique used by many smart marketers. It involves monitoring the Internet for conversations about your area of business. Conversations that take place on  Social Media, Blogs, Forums and other online platforms.

If you find a thread or conversation that mentions you, your product or just certain keywords that mean the conversation is probably relevant to your business, then you should consider engaging with that conversation.

In order to find opportunities to join in and subtly introduce their own product or service, sometimes with a link to their website. This is a powerful technique but it can be time-consuming.

Fortunately, there are several tools and services available to help with this task, here are a few of our recommended options.