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Love them or hate them, social media sites get a LOT of traffic – which is something you need as well. How can you harness the massive power of social media to promote your own business?

Online visibility is about being seen by people who are interested in what you do. Many people interpret this as being high up in Google’s listings but that is only half the story – in fact it’s much less than half the story!

Truth be told, appearing in Google’s search results is still very important but please bear in mind that many people rarely use search engines, they go straight to where they know they will find content they are looking for and very often that is a Social Media Site or a special interest site, e.g. golfers will go to the Golf related sites that they know and love.

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Quick Social Media Marketing Tips to Get You Started

Quick Start - Promote Your Business with Facebook

Getting Started
Facebook discourages the use of personal Facebook profiles for business purposes. Instead, it provides you with the ability to set up a “Page” for your brand or business. You still set up an account in the usual way and then select the create a page option from within that account.

If there are several people in the business who need to access the Facebook page that’s fine, you can assign user rights to them, they won’t be able to access the rest of your account, just the pages you allocate.

Huge Tip – Must Do
If you have a member of staff set this up for you make absolutely sure that you or your trusted colleague have been allocated user rights at the administrator level. I’ve lost track of the number of business owners I’ve dealt with who had lost access to their Facebook accounts when the member of staff who set it up had left, died or been fired, taking the password and login info away with them.

Marketing Options with Facebook
There are many professional marketers that I know who rarely use anything else other than Facebook to get leads and make sales. I’m not saying that’s the right approach for every business but there is an awfully large audience out there on Facebook and if the demographics match the ones you need to target then its a strategy worth looking at.



Quick Start - Promote Your Business with Twitter

Getting Started

It is a well established fact that people who use Twitter regularly are more disposed to buying from others who do the same. Establishing yourself on Twitter therefore is anot-to-be-missed opportunity to grow your customer base and make sales.

Marketing Options with Twitter
Twitter Cards are the one to get a grip on first.



Quick Start - Promote Your Business with LinkedIn

Getting Started

LinkedIn’s own research has revealed that an account only needs to have around 100 or so followers in order to reach critical mass and start to get some real engagement. this must surely be the smallest such number of all the Social Media sites.

Marketing Options with LinkedIn



Put Social Media To Work For Your Business

You know that you should – but how do you actually do it?

There are four main functions of Social Media in a business environment, as shown above. If you want to harness the full power of Social Media for your business you need to understand and implement them all.
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