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Digital Marketing Resources for those who need to turn visitors into customers
OK, so you’ve managed to increase the traffic to your website but they’re still not buying, or signing up, or making an enquiry or doing whatever it is that you want them to do to make it all worthwhile.

Don’t worry, that’s normal, but it wont make you any money so you need to deal with it.
There are lots of reasons why your visitors are not buying and they are not all your fault, (although some of them may be).
On this page you’ll find lots of ideas, tools, training and advice to help you to turn visitors into customers, read on.

How To Build and Write Your First Landing Page

Build and write a landing page that’s ready to generate leads and sales.
Want to get up to speed with landing pages really quickly? Why not try our step-by-step plan, fully explained at every level with videos and practical examples. Produced in the USA by our friends at Digital Marketer, this training is available free with a PitStop Pass – get yours now.

Landing Page Testing Formula

So You’ve Built Your Landing Pages – Now It’s Time To Test!
Don’t just assume that your landing page will work straight out of the box – as with any marketing activity, he who tests, wins.
There’s a lot at stake – a poorly performing page can cost you £££s and set you back months – grab yourself a Pitstop Pass and spend a little time on this training, (practical, step-by-step “how to do it” training, free to PitStop Pass holders), which has been written by people who sell millions of products by getting their landing pages right.

Get your pass, get the training, get landing pages RIGHT!


New FREE Tool Lets You See The Competition from the viewpoint of a local searcher.
Normally, when searching for anything on Google the results you see are dependent on where you are, your browser settings and your browsing history.

When researching the market in a different area you need to see results as a local person would – this new free tool from Brightlocal does just that.

Landing Page Building Tools

Which landing page building tools are right for you?

Our free Landing Page Tools & Services List helps you to decide which to try and which to leave behind.

We’ve done the research so you don’t have to.

Conversion Tracking With Google Analytics

Are You Using Analytics To Track Conversions?

It’s a free tool from Google that helps you to make sense of your conversions.
• Which ads work and which don’t?
• Which emails are the most effective
• Which call to action gets the best response.

Like any tool – it only helps if you know how to use it, take a look at this Analytics & Data Mastery Training for PitStop Pass holders.

Choosing A Landing Page Building Tool

When it comes to building great landing pages there are lots of options!
But which is right for you?
Subscription services like Unbounce and LeadPages give you access a libraries of templates which you can adapt to your own products or services. Alternatively there are well-established and powerful page-builders like Optimize Press which is a great favourite with WordPress users.
Even when you have decided which one to go for, you still need to write hard-hitting copy that will pursuade people to turn their interest into action and convert.
There’s no easy way to do this and you’ll probably need help, that’s why we are here – find out more.

Local Search Advertising Update

Call Only Ads – The New Google Way to Make Your ‘Phone Ring
Google’s new ad format for smartphones is designed to get you more enquiries. Anyone searching for your product or service could see your ad and, if they click, they are automatically connected to you by phone giving you a much bigger chance of converting their interest into a sale!
Visit our Guide to Using Online Ads for Local Businesses to find out more.

The Conversion Process According To Marketing Pitstop

Step 1 - Find The Right People

Attracting new prospects is good, but only if they have a genuine need, or desire, for your products or services.

So how can you attract the right people to your website? How do you make sure that you are emailing people who actually give a damn about your proposition?

Rule number 1 – know your customer – download our free Customer Avatar Worksheet and get a much clearer idea of who they are and what they want, or need.


Step 2 - Engage With Them

Rule number 2 – Give them relevant, and accurate, information.

Make sure that your marketing is aimed at the right audience. Whether it is a Pay Per Click ad on Google, an article or blog post or an email with a special offer make sure that the content is relevant to those you are trying to attract.

The page that your visitor lands on is really important. It is the one that they will use to decide whether to stay and have a look round, or not. This is called a landing page and we have lots of tools and services that can help you to get amazing landing pages for your marketing campaigns whether it is a paid ad, a blog post or a marketing email.


The 16 Point Landing Page Checklist.

More than just a checklist – this is a fully featured training course on Landing Page construction and it will transform your conversion performance. Get your Pitstop Pass to gain access today!