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Your Digital Marketing Strategy – Phase 1 – Your Online Competition

There’s a lot of work to be done in this phase.

We want to see who and what you are up against. How much online traffic, and business, is there to be had?
How visible online is your business compared to your competitors? Who’s getting the lion’s share of the available traffic and business?
What are those competitors doing that you are not?

Practical Actions

Do a business online Visibility Profile

This short survey helps us to ascertain where you sit in the overall online marketing process and highlights the areas where you should be focusing your efforts. The Campaign Map that we produce as a result of this will give you a prescription for the exact combination of marketing activities that is required to meet your objectives, give you a leading edge and gain a significant share of your potential market.

Do a Competitor Landscape Analysis
We have a version of this which can be done using free tools from MOZ or SEMrush. Holders of our Free Pitstop Startup Pass  are given free access to our guides so that this can be done. This will be sufficient to make a start and to highlight any areas of weakness.
Holders of a Pitstop Pro or Expert Pass will get this done for them as part of their package. Anyone planning a campaign with a reasonable budget would be well-advised to get the full Competitor Landscape & Scorecard that is offered to our Pro & Expert level Pass holders.

The Competitor Landscape Analysis will tell you:

  • Who you are competing with for online traffic – your real online competitors
  • The tactics and strategies of those competitors, the keywords they use and their ad copy if they are doing any paid search advertising.
  • Which search phrases are your competitors being shown for in the Google Search Engine Results Pages, (SERPs)? Where do you appear for those phrases?
  • How much potential traffic your website could be getting

This stage of the process is largely preparation. Essential background information needed to base the rest of our campaign on.

Next, we move onto Stage 2 – the setting of our objectives.