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Define Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Firm Foundations
Before you start this process, please ensure that you have carried out the Free Site Audit and dealt with any problems highlighted in our Website Audit Guide.

Stage One – Evaluate The Current Position

In this module we will carry out a Visibility Profile to assess your online profile and current level of visibility online. Then we will do a Competitor Landscape to see how you compare to your online competitors.

We will identify who you are competing with and work out your strengths and weaknesses compared to theirs.

Stage Two РDefine Your Objectives

Are you looking for more website traffic or is it your conversion rate that bothers you? Do you want to increase your level of exposure to new customers whilst maintaining regular contact with existing ones and maximising repeat business?

Stage Three – Refining The Proposition

Is your value proposition right for an online sales channel. Does it require a special approach. How does your proposition compare to that of your competitors

Stage Four – Making it happen

The practical bit. Time to get your hands dirty and put the plan into action. We’ll use our Campaign Map Template to create a marketing mix to suit your needs exactly and to deliver the required results. We’ll research keyword lists, formulate ad copy, develop a Content Marketing strategy and examine the roles that PPC and Social Media have to play in meeting your goals.

Stage Five – Monitor & Optimise

Once everything is in place, up and running, you will have to monitor the results and make adjustments where necessary. Your Analytics and reporting systems become even more important now.